Happy Anniversary Brothers and Sisters all over the World.
Las Vegas Congregation

2929 Cedar Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Pastoral:        (702) 222-3472
Mobile:          (702) 303-3664
Chapel:          (702) 733-6863
Email: rodolfosnts@yahoo.com 
Email: bestabillojr@yahoo.com 
Email: LasVegasLocale@gmail.com 

Worship Service Schedule


 7:00 a.m. Filipino
10:00 a.m. English
 8:00 p.m. English


 7:00 p.m. English


 7:00 a.m. Filipino
10:00 a.m. English
12:00 noon Children Worship Service


Worship Service Schedules are subject to change. Please contact local congregation for current information.

Brother Felix Y. Manalo
Brother Eraņo G. Manalo